CSail is passionate about sailing - in all its forms - especially if it’s fast, exciting and accessible.  We want you to have as much fun as we do, and we can help you improve skills on the water and race against your buddies around the world by generating an online community

Helping sailors connect with a global community and improve their ability through technology by providing easy analytics

Get on the water faster and easier with our revolutionary boat designs, increasing your time doing what you love

For complete accuracy, the iQ is our boat mounted wind measuring device which bluetooths to the SailEQ app on your phone - giving you real time wind data 

Getting more people sailing,
more often

  • by creating light, fast boats geared for easy sailing and when you add digital information that you can share with friends or develop into a measurable pathway, suddenly you're part of a community that's breaking new ground
  • by being innovative, revolutionary and re-thinking basic concepts such as competition and events so as to be inclusive and accessible

Our Story

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